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I have kept a camera within reach since about 1987.  Initially, the purpose was to be able to document and share my experiences with my family while living abroad.  I found that I really enjoyed the challenge of photographing a scene in a way that accurately portrayed its beauty and communicated the awe that I felt at the time I photographed it.  Upon photographing something, one reduces the scene from three dimensions to two, shrinks it dramatically, freezes time, and removes all other sensory inputs. For a single image to still be able to evoke emotions, trigger memories, or inspire the imagination is pure magic. I was hooked.

Over thirty years later, I am still fascinated with the process, despite its dramatic evolution.  I embraced digital photography when it advanced to a certain level of quality but have not forgotten my roots in film.  I currently use both, enjoying their respective capabilities while happily accepting their limitations.  Moreover, I have found a lot of satisfaction in combining the two, either using old film-era lenses on digital cameras or using classic cameras and scanning the film images. 

Why the blog?  I have been interested in and inspired by others’ work published online.  When questions arose about a particular camera, lens, film, or digital technique, I turned to the vast resources now available online to answer them.  Grateful to those that have made the effort to educate and share, I decided to add my humble experiences.

Here you will find my musings about cameras and lenses, old and new, as well as occasional reviews of products I use.  I’ve been in this sandbox long enough to develop some opinions about photographic equipment,  but I’ll be as objective as I can. Thank you for the visit–I hope you enjoy.

Note: Please respect copyright law. I retain the copyright to all photos unless otherwise attributed. Thank you.