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From the B-side:  A New Category

Film photography exists at a crossroads of science and art.  We strive to produce aesthetically pleasing images, but require a certain mastery of the physics of light and chemistry to do so.  It is a chimera of sorts, a blend of two very different disciplines.  As photography evolved, challenges arose that were quickly resolved by creative-minded inventors and problem-solving scientists.  The result is a myriad of odd yet wonderful photographic accessories, often designed with a singular purpose.  Many of these have been overlooked or forgotten entirely.

As I get older, and refuse to abandon the musical preferences forged in my adolescence, I have grown to appreciate the songs found on the “B-Side” of the vinyl albums of my generation.  Similarly, over time I have acquired a collection of these oddball photo accessories that I find interesting and useful.  Alongside “Classic Camera Reviews” and Legacy Lens Reviews”, I hope this new category “From the B-Side” will introduce new enthusiasts to some of that esoterica.